The combined effect of the 2019 protests in Hong Kong and the pandemic that followed, dramatically impacted the event industry and consequently, the business of ECHK. In reality, the event’s industry was disturbed for a period longer than we all anticipated.

More importantly, three years later, it’s 2023 and we are still here. Fortunately, key team members remain retaining and developing our knowledge and skills.

During this period, we have taken on a new installation team that have been trained on the equipment and the standards of ECHK. At the same time working on installations for our sister company, Lightweight Works. This strategy kept our team occupied and in action.

In addition, our warehouse has been cleared, rationalised, equipment repacked and checked. All in anticipation for the industry returning, post the pandemic.

Our strategic preparation during the challenging times, positions ECHK now ready and committed, as a trusted partner providing unique solutions to the event industry.

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