What is a stretch canopy?

  • ECHK stretch canopies are modern, stylish and cost-effective alternative solutions to cover your event.
  • They are open sided, elegant freestyle structures which use support masts and a membrane.
  • Our tents can be configured and installed in many variations on uneven surfaces & with great flexibility.

How do you book a canopy?

  • Fill out the enquiry form under “Contact Us” and we will send you a proposal via email.
  • If you have immediate queries, try our Live Chat function and one of our staff will revert.
  • To confirm the canopy booking, sign off and send back the proposal. If needed we will arrange a site visit.
  • ECHK issue a deposit invoice which once paid completes the confirmation / booking process.

Can you cancel your booking?

  • Yes, please contact ECHK for our Terms & Conditions.
  • Cancellation within 7x working days prior to the project’s installation defaults to full project payment.
  • Cancellation must be submitted to ECHK in writing.

RSE Reports and Fire Certificates… do you need?

  • RSE (Registered Structural Engineer) reports are required if public event licenses need to be applied for.
  • RSE reports consist of full structural engineering calculations and wind analysis plus canopy fire certificates.
  • The documentation can take up to 7x working days to process. Each report is bespoke for your event.
  • ECHK stretch membranes are treated with specialist flame retardant compliant to BS 7837.


Wind Compliance… how strong are ECHK canopies?

  • All ECHK installed canopies are engineered to withstand winds of up to 60km/h.
  • ECHK stretch tent membranes are designed to flex under wind pressure.
  • Our tents are installed with maximum wind deflections in mind.
  • Our canopies are mostly open sided making them very aerodynamic.

How do ECHK canopies work?

  • The key component is a specialist stretchable waterproof membrane tensioned between surrounding perimeter poles.
  • The membrane is installed from the ground up and kept aloft and in shape by central aluminum king posts or truss masts.
  • If soil nails or ground anchors can’t be used on site, then water filled counterweights or concrete cast ballasts can be used.
  • Each membrane is modular, flexible and can be joined and guttered together to create larger and more expansive structures.
  • All our canopies are open sided. We can pull the edges down to ground level to give greater protection against the elements.


Typhoons… what happens?

  • ECHK offer flexible Typhoon Service packages depending on the time of year and scale of the project.
  • ECHK monitor the weather in Hong Kong and across the region & can provide on site standby services.
  • In the event of a typhoon signal No. 3 being hoisted, our team will be deployed to dismantle your canopy.
  • We work closely with our clients and event partners to coordinate safe dismantles and re-installations.

Extreme rain… is the canopy waterproof?

  • All ECHK canopy membranes are water proof.
  • Our canopies can withstand heavy monsoon rain storms, provided wind speed is below 60km/h.
  • Our canopies are usually open sided, however perimeter sides can be lowered for greater rain protection.
  • ECHK carefully engineer and configure our canopies to shed water to certain areas to minimize flooding.

Health & Safety… how does ECHK work?

  • ECHK’s safety record is impeccable. We pride ourselves on safe working practices.
  • ECHK technicians, riggers & crew are trained specially to work in accordance with strict HSE practices.
  • Full Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Build Methodologies are available upon request.
  • All our onsite staff carry valid HK Construction Green Cards and wear full PPE.
  • All our staff have specialist insurance to operate on site.


What are the benefits of an ECHK canopy?

  • They are beautiful, flexible and can transform a space like no other temporary lightweight structure.
  • Our canopies help connect indoor and outdoors through organic form design and membrane engineering.
  • They are strong! The perimeter ropes and membranes are tensioned to take heavy wind loads and tropical rain.
  • Stretch tents are easy to work underneath. Flexible king post & perimeter mast heights for back drops & stages.
  • Lighting, production equipment and themed decorations can be rigged from the central aluminum king post trusses.
  • Our canopies can be rigged onto or from existing buildings, temporary structures, trees, railings and much more.
  • ECHK membranes are waterproof & suited for customized printed branding, projection mapping & creative lighting.
  • Our structures are fast and energy efficient to install and dismantle.
  • They are cost-efficient to ship and install worldwide.
  • Less is more… so “Keep it Lightweight”.